Children and parenting

"Making the parent-child relationship work for You and your child". 

Would you like to be able to resolve parenting dilemmas with fairness and respect?
Are you not sure how to help your child develop more emotional resilience?
Do you struggle to make your parenting strategies work in the moment?
We'd like to support you in your efforts with your parent-child relationship.
Keeping children healthy and happy involves looking after their mental health as well as their physical health. Children’s wellbeing is influenced by how they feel about themselves, their behaviour, what they think about and how they interact with others. Biological, psychological and social factors all have a role to play in this. From their early development to starting school and beyond, children are engaged in developing skills to help them adapt to change, manage the ‘ups and downs’ of life and regulating their emotions. These skills provide them with a foundation for mental wellbeing and resilience, equipping them with the ability to deal with life’s challenges now and in the future. That's why it is important to build a good foundation before unhelpful habits are set. 
Sometimes managing the usual ‘ups and downs’ of life can become overwhelming for children and their parents. When this happens, you may notice the following: 
  • Your child is more anxious, sad, or angry than usual
  • Your child is more emotionally erratic or volatile
  • Your child’s behaviour changes unpredictably 
  • There are more arguments occurring within the family
  • Your child’s normal sleeping, eating, and toileting routine changes
  • Your child’s behaviour and learning at school is deteriorating
  • You, as a parent, feel stressed or helpless.
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Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences, but at times it can also be challenging, frustrating, confusing and stressful. Parents may feel overwhelmed with trying to manage their children’s needs and behaviour while meeting other competing demands in their lives. The reality is that every parent struggles at one point or another.  
If you’d like to have a more loving and closer relationship with your child and see them grow into healthy, resilient and thriving adults–we may be able to help. Our counselling approach can be useful in bringing about change within parents and children. 

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